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A Writer’s Guide to Surviving the AI Revolution, Upskill and Stay Relevant with On-page SEO by HANNA SMITH

Use your copywriting skills to fill a need for SEO specialists who have a background in writing and marketing.

“If you’ve purchased this book, it’s likely that you have an interest in mastering the art of SEO. Whether you’re a digital marketer looking to diversify your services, a copywriter concerned about the impact of AI writing tools, or a developer interested in producing captivating content, this book offers valuable insights on both on-page SEO and SEO copywriting.

On-page SEO can be challenging for web developers and digital marketers to implement without compromising the quality of the content, and copywriters sometimes find it difficult to navigate the more technical aspects of the SEO copywriting field. This book aims to bridge that gap and provide a comprehensive understanding of these essential skills.”

Who is this book for?
This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to implement good on-page SEO practices, write engaging copy and stories that sell, as well as writers who would like to upskill and stay relevant in the AI revolution.

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A guide to the professional workplace

Our receptionist training guide focuses on a specific range of topics. Moreover, each topic is selected to ensure that every receptionist or assistant has the tools they need to succeed from the very first day. More important, training is structured in a useful and meaningful way.

Most trainee receptionists do not have time or funding to enter into learning institutions for reception skills. So, with The New Receptionist on your desk, your training has already begun. Further, the book covers advanced reception skills that are crucial to the position.

To sum up, receptionists are introduced to various skills and guided through their daily duties in a practical manner. Therefore, with additional notes and definitions of terms added to each chapter, each learner enjoys a comfortable learning experience.