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The new switchboard you should be learning

Internet technologies have changed the way we communicate. Traditional landlines are fast being replaced with IP phones, and meetings are no longer being held in boardrooms, but rather via the web with participants from around the world. As a receptionist, it is important to learn how these new technologies work.

Use online videos to learn more about your switchboard.
Many companies who provide unified communications solutions offer training resources on their website for free. One such company is 3CX. On their website, you will find anything from lengthy tutorials to quick videos for engineers and end-users alike. The advantage of using a product from a company like 3CX is that you are able to find quick solutions and tips online, and the need for support, particularly training support, is minimal.

What can I do with the 3CX switchboard?
Any receptionist or telephone support consultant will understand the benefit of a visual display of the switchboard. With 3CX, other than easily answering, transferring, conferencing, parking or dropping calls, you can view the presence of extensions (available, away, do not disturb etc.), manage incoming and outgoing calls, view a full call history, listen to call recordings, and view which extensions are logged in and out of queues. Users also have the power to set their view to a look that is comfortable for them. This kind of bird’s-eye view changes the way traditional receptionists view functionality and customization.

Why is customization important?
If you are looking for a solution to any issue you are experiencing at the office, look for products that are customizable. Every business is unique, and a system that cannot adapt to your needs will cost you in the long run. 3CX is a giant when it comes to customization. I have trained end-users on this system for almost two years and the possibilities for creating workflows that work for everyone are almost endless.

3CX is not the only unified communications solutions provider that offers customizable products that come with loads of free training resources. As a receptionist, it is important to learn the features of your product so that you fully understand how to utilize those features to full potential. If your system cannot do something you would like it to do, ask your administrator. Sometimes, the features of a system have merely been turned off.

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