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Why hire an SEO copywriter?

Last time we spoke about the importance of hiring an SEO copywriter or expert. Today, we look at copy (words) and how it forms part of your overall SEO strategy. 

SEO copywriters specialise in writing copy that helps readers find what they are looking for on the web. In other words, they write and structure content (copy is also known as written content) in such a way that search engines can easily find it. SEO experts use fancy words for this, such as “driving relevant traffic to your website” and “helping you rank high on SERPS”, which really just means that the copy is written in a way that makes it easier for your customers to find you. Sadly, companies often skip hiring an SEO copywriter in favour of spending more on their website development. This, however, is a big mistake. 

Why hiring an SEO copywriter matters

The first thing you need to know about web developers is that they are not copywriters. So, if you have hired a website designer or a developer for custom code, at some point, one of them will ask you for your copy.

At this stage, you will either have to provide the complete text that must be placed on the pages of your website (website developers are not editors or proofreaders and will not edit this copy for you), or, you will have to hire someone who can write your story and deliver proper descriptions of your services. And this is where it gets tricky because although the text seems simple enough, many writers are not qualified to deliver SEO optimised copy or copy that even sells your brand.  You need a highly experienced copywriter that also specialises in SEO.

If your copywriter is untrained in any of these areas, either your copy will not rank and your customers will not find you (remember, it is content that drives SEO), or, your customers will find you but not consider you credible. None of these options are acceptable when you have spent thousands on a website. 

What is good SEO copy?

SEO copy is written for people

We sometimes forgot that people read copy. Copywriters who do not understand SEO trick the system by applying techniques for the sake of satisfying an algorithm. When they do this, however, the copy loses its feel and flow and the result is stocky copy that just feels off. On the other hand, good SEO copy incorporates SEO writing techniques in such a way that you don’t even realise it was done. 

Copy answers a question or tells a story that someone wants to read

One can write a whole lot without saying anything at all. Copywriters who write for the web know that this is bad for brand reputation. There is nothing more off-putting than spending valuable time reading an article that ends up having no point or did not answer your question. 

Good SEO copywriters understand how SEO really works

Always hire an SEO copywriter who has a broad understanding of a range of SEO techniques. Your copywriter should be able to communicate with the web developer and other SEO experts. 

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