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Living on a receptionist’s salary? What you can do to earn more

What do receptionists earn

A receptionist in South Africa is estimated to earn between R 70 000.00 and R 180 000.00 annually. More important, to reach the high end of this scale you need to up your skill or up your tactic. For example, work for a larger company or stay employed at a company that offers yearly raise in pay.

So, what else can you, the career receptionist, do to earn more?

Pick the right company to work for. 

Ask your recruitment agent to target positions at companies that offer salary packages at the high end of the salary scale. In short, companies that offer more will hire receptionists that meet certain criteria. In other words, your experience with clients, software programs or specific daily duties might just be the key to a better payday.

Target companies that offer benefits. 

Some companies have pension, medical aid and other perks for their employees. Hence, although these benefits can vary, they can add up to a pretty nice cost to company.  However, if you are considering a new position, do ask for a mock payslip and ensure that any deductions are acceptable to your pocket. Remember, your take home pay is your gross salary minus taxes and other deductions.

Additional responsibility with additional pay. 

Some companies are willing to pay their receptionist a higher salary in return for them taking on more responsibility. Why? Because, it saves the company money. As a result, it is common for receptionists to double as personal assistants, marketers or office managers.

Get promoted

If you would like to earn more within the administrative industry, consider working as a personal assistant and eventually an executive assistant. For example, an executive assistant can earn between R 252 000.00 and R 310 00.00 per year, or even more at the right company.

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Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

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